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What is Celebrity Mint™?

Celebrity Mint™ fuses the timeless thrill of sports collectibles with the prestige of coin collecting to bring a new generation of collectors to the table. Celebrity Mint™ offers collectors the chance to bolster their collection with legal tender gold and silver, and opens the door for those who might have only previously aspired to own precious metals.

Celebrity Mint™ was founded in 2023 by Kenny Duncan Jr. and Matthew Duncan of The Duncan Group. The Duncan family’s legacy began with the Houston-based firm U.S. Coins L.P., established in 1985, which quickly became one of the nation’s leading rare coin companies. The Duncan brothers have a deep-seated passion that allows them to bring extensive sports knowledge, unparalleled industry trust, and the joy of collecting to Celebrity Mint™.

Celebrity Mint™ is the first venture of its kind in the marketplace, offering legal tender* trading coins and memorabilia featuring the minted likenesses of sports luminaries and influential figures from pop culture. In collaboration with several world mints, Celebrity Mint™ is bringing unique memorabilia with an intrinsic value to the market.

Celebrity Mint’s initial offering will kick off with the Legends Series, which includes minted memorabilia featuring Mike Tyson, Jake Paul, Floyd Mayweather, stylin’ and profilin’ wrestling superstar Ric Flair, and all-time MLB hit leader Pete Rose. Celebrity Mint™ has a formidable slate of celebrities and sports icons in the works to excite collectors for many years to come.

Celebrity Mint’s products will be available on our website as well as eBay through an exclusive distribution collaboration built upon the reputation of its Houston-based parent company U.S. Coins L.P. With a seamless purchasing experience, every order is fulfilled safely and securely, with expert care taken at every stage of the buying process.